31. Back to Beijing

After a fulfilling day on the Great Wall, it was time to return to the peaceful quiet of Beijing. I was really worn out that day, so it seemed peaceful.


Public Transportation

Here I am in one of Beijing’s 345 stations. It is the second largest system in the world behind Shanghai. My hair is engaged in a classical wave form. Note the inadequate photobomb attempt by the youth in the yellow shirt. 

Here I am on the subway in Beijing. The locals would consider this a ghost town. Anyhow, the subways were pretty orderly, and clean. My hair here borders on disorderly conduct with the runway strands on my forehead. 

One thing that is different about public transportation in China than from the US, especially San Francisco, is that in China the riders only talk with visible people. I appreciated the realistic approach they have.


Long He Temple AKA The Lamasery 

Here is the main gate to the Long He Lasmasery, a three century old Buddhist Temple where people come to pray. 

There is a lot of history here, but the site has a 60 foot Sandalwood Buddha, which is a record, and by any amount a lot of very expensive wood. 




Here I am inf front of the Dragon Guarding the Temple. I like to think he is on my shoulder approving my hair, which looks fresh here.


Singing and Chanting 

This is one of the intricately carved buildings at the Lamasery. 

I always enjoy the sounds of where ever I visit. I had a chance to record the monks singing and chanting for two rounds. 



This is a very peaceful way to spend an afternoon after spending the day in crowds, even if it is a well run subway.

Coming Soon, a Guide to China

Don’t forget, in a few weeks the Kindle version will be released.

The book is filled with pointed advice about what to know, what to see, and what to do. An easy to read, time saving guide to saving time and money, while making the most of your trip.


Next up, a little more Beijing and Confucius.

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